About Us

Kimberly and Randy are two passionate individuals who share a deep love for plants. Their love for plants has driven them to create Boujee Botanicals, an online store that provides a wide range of high-quality plants and accessories to plant enthusiasts. Their business has grown significantly over the years, and it is no surprise given their dedication to plants and their customers.

Boujee Botanicals offers a wide range of plants, including succulents, cacti, and tropical plants, as well as pots, planters, and plant care products. All the plants are carefully selected, and the products are of high quality, ensuring that customers receive the best possible experience when shopping at Boujee Botanicals.

Kimberly and Randy's love for plants goes beyond just selling them; they are both avid gardeners and plant collectors. They understand the needs of different plants and are always willing to share their knowledge with their customers. Their expertise and experience are evident in the quality of the products they offer, and their willingness to share their knowledge and advice with their customers has made Boujee Botanicals a go-to destination for plant enthusiasts.

In addition to their online store, Kimberly and Randy also offer plant workshops and consultations to help their customers with their plant care needs. Their passion for plants is contagious, and they inspire and educate their customers to love and care for their plants as much as they do.

Overall, Kimberly and Randy are the epitome of passionate plant lovers who have turned their love for plants into a successful business. Their dedication to providing high-quality plants and accessories, along with their willingness to share their knowledge and expertise, has made Boujee Botanicals a go-to destination for plant enthusiasts everywhere.