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Air Plant 3 Pack - Three Air Plant Varieties - 2"-3" Large

Air Plant 3 Pack - Three Air Plant Varieties - 2"-3" Large

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Air Plant, Tillandsia, Natural Air Purifier, Easy Care

Product description: Bring some life to your home with this Air Plant 3 Pack! You'll receive one each of the following air plants: Tillandsia Ionantha, Tillandsia Fuchsii and Tillandsia Kolby. These air plants are natural air purifiers that don't require soil or a lot of maintenance - just light water and light exposure. Each plant measures 2-3 inches in size and is easy to cultivate.

Features: • Three different varieties of air plants included • Natural air purifiers • Fun, quirky plants that don't need soil • Easy care; light water with light exposure

Advantages: • Versatile - can be used without soil or minimal watering needed • Can live for several years if taken care of properly

Benefits: • Add life to any space with these unique plants • Low maintenance required - perfect for busy lifestyles
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