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Tillandsia Air Plant Brachycaulos

Tillandsia Air Plant Brachycaulos

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Air Plant, Tillandsia Brachycaulos

You'll love the Tillandsia Air Plant Brachycaulos! This unique air plant features thick, pointed blade-like leaves that are silver-green in color. When exposed to sunlight, the tips of this air plant turn a vibrant red. It's also known for its impressive flowering stage - similar to the Ionantha. Enjoy the beauty and low maintenance of this handmade air plant!

Features: Thick, pointed blade-like leaves; Silver-green in color; Tips turn red when exposed to sunlight; Impressive flowering stage.

Advantages: Unbreakable and long lasting; Low maintenance care requirements; Handmade quality craftsmanship.

Benefits: Add a unique touch to your home or office décor; Create an eye-catching centerpiece with minimal effort; Enjoy easy care instructions that won't take up too much time.
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